Sunday, November 27, 2005

Just to save some extra bucks !

I had seen The Last Samurai - a much hyped movie starring Tom Cruise - at home, by renting a VCD , which was a bad print ! Actually I knew about the quality , and still I took it ,just to save some money by not going to theatre. Well, i didnt find anything good in that movie, and when it recieved 4 nominations for Oscars and Golden Globe Awards, I was surprised.

Well, today I saw the same movie on HBO, actually , just a part of it - the finale war scene - and I realized that the movie had some something which I missed just because of that dirty print. Now I understood why this movie got nominations in Best Cinematography, Costume etc. Even the war scene was awesome , with those Japanese Warriors fighting with swords against the Army who had guns. I think if I had seen the movie in theatre that time, I would have given it a rating of atleast 4/5 for its cinematography , costumes and war scene. The whole movie experience can be enjoyed only in a theatre , unless you have a proper Home Theatre at your place with a plasma TV . The cinema hall , with its sound effects and huge screen and somewhat comfortable seats does add that extra flavor which makes you enjoy the whole movie, even if the plot of the movie sucks. I know many people who go to the theatre and watch a movie if they are in a bad mood, or just to do some timepass.

Anyways, its decided , that I will never get cheap VCDs , I will make it a point to watch any good,decent, flick either in theatre ( morning show ) or else on DVD .Now no compromise on Quality !

BTW, i think, i will write small blog like these , just so as to take a break from the boring subjects which i have to endure ...

P.S .: People who support me , please contribute - min. 100 bucks - so that I can accomplish my vow . Cheques/ Drafts are also accepted .


LOST - I wanted to write a blog on this from a long time, ever since I saw the first two episode of this series . After watching 34 episodes, i finally decided to do it ( just for satisfaction purpose !! )

I am currently hooked onto the greatest tele series ever made. The last one which I saw, which is the only series comparable to this was Steven Speilberg presents Taken. ( Please watch that too , if you havent ). You watch one episode of Lost , and you just cant wait to watch the next one. I suggested one of my friend to watch just one episode, and he spent the rest of his day watching all episodes.

Ok, to all those losers who knew about this series and still havent seen it yet, here is the story.

The story is about survivors of a plane crash - Oceanic flight 815 from Sydney to Los Angeles - which went off course for about 2 hours , and crashed at some unknown, secluded place - an island. Initially, the surviors hope that some rescue team will come to help them, but soon they realize that its very tough to search for them , as the plane had gone off course for a long time. Soon, the survivors also realize that a lot of weird things are happening around in the island and they are not ALONE on this island

Interesting ???

Every episode deals with any one survivor's past life, which is shown amazingly well with help of flashback into that person's life. So, you have the main story going on with in-between flashes of individual's past life. More than the main complex , mysterious, thrilling plot, I wait for every episode to see the human nature shown in the episode. Man wanting to live in groups,trying to find solace in strangers, man wanting to give meaning to his life ,prove his worth in the group and the list goes on....The joy, sorrow, thrill, excitement, nerve -gripping tension that you experience is simply mind-blowing !!!

Well, I cant say everything about this series. Partly because its too good to write it down here, and also, because I want you to watch it and enjoy it as much as I did.

Anyways, I hope that I get to watch such amazing series later in life , but i dont think so there will be any as good as this ( This is what I had said after watching Taken , so I think I may be proved wrong again !! )

The Inner Temple - Karunesh

Hear this song, one of the best composition by Karunesh after Punjab .Get it from somewhere, but please try this song. I am not good at words , so i cant decribe how this song is , but the title of the song itself says everything - The Inner Temple.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Consider Keejiye....

What are they playing at ?? We pay 50 grand every year for a decent professional education, and this is what we get ! 3 Teachers every sem. which are just passed out from BE and are currently pursuing thier ME ( lets call them NEWBIES ) . They think , that they can brush up their act of teaching by experimenting their teaching skills on us, like as if we are some guinea pigs. And then these teachers leave us after 6 months ( actually better for us ) and some new ones come in our life.
Well, you must have guessed why I am blogging about this now.. coz my submissions week have started. And we are actually slogging hard coz we have to show these Newbies our assignments which we havent completed coz they couldnt teach us properly in the first place. All our senior teachers have done their job well and completed the portion on time. But these Newbies .....
Anyways, because of these things, the teacher - student relationship has changed. There is no respect left for these teachers. I mean that traditional Gurukul respect is lost . Atleast it was there till we were in school , where we used to respect them for stuff that they gave us in our life. But now, its all a business. We pay them some money , and they are supposed to teach us coz we are paying them . And why shouldnt we think in this manner. Our parents have worked hard and are paying for our education , so shouldnt we get the benefits . I also agree that all of us are not that considerate towards our parents money ! Else we wouldnt be bunking lecs. !
But atleast the college should provide the best from their side. Sometimes i think, if they would have provided overall a decent engg. education right from FE, maybe our levels would have improved a bit more than it is now ...

Anyways, no use crying over spilt milk. Just one more term to go ... I have already stopped having discussion about our Syllabus and Education system of India as a whole... And now i should just stop complaining about my college and get back to work , coz tom. i have to stand in line in front of these Newbies, act sincere, and get my file checked !

Friday, September 23, 2005

Wet, Wet , Wet

I just had to blog today . Even when I am feeling very tired and want to continue reading Fountainhead ( A very gud book !!! ) , I just had to blog. Today was one of those days when everything goes wrong with you, you are extremely tired ( actually dead) and you cant blame anyone for it. You just have to endure the stress without gaining anything .

But yes, one thing that is accountable for today's event is Rains . But again, you cant blame " Rain " as it is not a person, its just nature !

Well, it rained heavily today ! I went to the University from my college - which is 10 kms away from my college - on my bike. Got totally drenched by the time I reached there. Then , I had to sit and wait for my Guide outside his cabin which was partly Air Conditioned . Well, you can just imagine - wet clothes, AC environment.... !! Anyways, we waited and waited for our Guide, and he himself didnt turn up , as he was stuck somewhere , thanx to the rains !

Next , I had to go back to my home, which is 15 kms away from University . It was already evening, and it was still raining. There were no signs of the rain stopping. So I left Univ. , and to avoid traffic jam , took a detour to a route which was a bit long , but void of traffic . After 3 kms, I found a lake in front of me on the road which was not there when I had used the same route last week. I had to go back all the way to continue my journey through the heavy traffic.

Anyways, in the end , I reached home , after spending 1 hr of my day on the return trip back home . And still, no work done the whole day ! But, all this is fine, I dont mind travelling 15 , 20, 25 kms, on my 2 wheeler, i dont mind if its raining and i dont have any jacket with me. But what was really really frustating were the roads !! You just have to see the conditions of the roads. I dint find a decent half km stretch where the road was smooth. I couldnt concentrate on the heavy traffic , my eyes were only on the roads. I remember breaking many signals too, just coz my mind was busy playing the game of avoiding potholes on roads. And I scored pretty gud in that . Simply the thought of it right now gives me the jitters. I dont want to go out. I dont mind sitting at home doing nothing . But , plz , plz dont make me go out there again for next 1 week :(

Who can you blame for these roads. Is it the rain again ? Or the Municipal Corporation ? Well, in these four months of rainy season, nothing happened to the University Roads., which are handled by the University , not by Municipal Corp. Same is the case with Army establishments in city . Then why cant MC make such kind of roads for public ? Why do these highly qualified M.Tech Civil Engineers give NOC to contractors after they complete the road-work ? Do these people think that they can fool the public ( actually they are doing it )

Well, that was what I was thinking while riding my bike. But now, I am in my room, safe and sound, hoping for a better weekend. As I have stopped playing games on my computer, I am just thinking of ways to pass out time at home. Maybe I will read the novel, or rent some DVDs or complete my pending work ( which is the last thing i will do ). But come what may , I dont want to go out and try one more hand on the game of Avoiding Potholes !

I want to include a short stanza which appeared in yesterday's newspaper ( Times of India , Pune ) written by Phillip Davidon , MD, Atlas Copco (india) Ltd.

I remember well, when as a boy,
I watched as Armstrong walk with joy,
Upon the Moon in cratered dust,
I remember saying ' One day I must,
Walk in Armstrong's footprints clear ' ,
A dream i've kept, a dream so dear,
And yet the Moon's so far away,
I know there will not come the day ,
When I can walk the Armstrong walk,
When I can talk the Armstrong talk,
But let me dream a little more,
Let me Enjoy this foreign shore,
And all its craters, dust and ridge,
And walk the moon on Harris Bridge !

( Note : Harris Bridge is one of the worst affected path in Pune ! )

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Guess Who's Back !!

What a week !! Took a small break from my Project , completed some college work , and did the thing we Engineering Students in Pune always do - finish write-ups. The only gud thing about that is that i get to listen to all the songs that i have on my PC . Just start the music and keep on writing for hours and hours !

Anyways, after a long long long time , I experienced a routine which I used to have everyday until I came in BE Computer . My mind was very pre-occupied from past 2 weeks. But today , I spent time watching TV, saw some news, some Hoollywood news, then saw the finale of my fav. series, The apprentice , then Lost ( amazing new series ) and now i am sitting online just doing plain - old - TP surfing...... BTW, I wrote a review on Mouthshut, and am getting a gud response for that . So I think I am quite liking this new experience of blogging and expressing ur views online . And probably thats what prompted me to write this blog . It is therapeutic !!

well, though life was back to normal for me , it wasnt for everyone ! i mean Britney had child ( congrats to her ) and Renee broke up with her hubby !! ok, i dont get one thing.. why do these celebrity couples break their relationship in months.. actually , many break up in days . I heard someone finished their marriage within 1 day !!! These ppl. even have a live-in relationship before they tie the knot, and still they end up breaking within months. Then why experience the live-in together ! Though i am not a pro in these matters , but I believe that couples in India who have arranged marriages understand the concept of marriage better than they do . Or maybe they have a different concept and idea of a marriage, but what i mean is , they do fall in love , do stay together for sometime and then they marry. But then what changes after their marriage ?? Did they forget to talk over some matters before the knot ?? And then they have this pre-nuptial agreement , and stuff like that , which i dont even want to talk about !!

So , i have mistakenly delved into this matured talk , so plz spare me if my thots clash with someone's . Next time , I will try to talk about something of my age, something less matured ...anyways , I am just 21 !!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What am I doing here ??

Been a long time since my first blog ( August 2004 ! ! ) . My friends have even stopped checking my blog . Well, anyways, then why am i here now , out of nowhere ???

I wanted to try blogging one more time, but couldnt find time and also , i was discouraged seeing the level of blogs that my friends write , and then i feel that - blogging is not my cup of tea . But anyways , right now , i am bored to death , dont have a personal diary or journal with me right now, and i really wanted to write down any crap that is going on in my mind !! ( u r warned , plz leave if u want to ! ) So , starting now, i will cultivate my habit of blogging by writing small blogs, and later if possible , i will move on to larger ones. But i assure u , most of my blogs may not make any sense at all , may become a bit personal also , so plz, endure with me !

Anyways... Do u read signs ? I am not talking about Road Signs , or Signatures ! ok, i will explain in simple terms. Something has happened with u , and u feel that the occurrence of this thing is a sign for u , that u need to learn something from it. It is not a coincidence that something different or even usual, has happened , specifically when u r in a particular state of mind. Also , something happens around u , and then u feel that basically this event occured coz something else happened the other day and u relate this event with some previous event . I mean u try to link patterns in ur life . Even if those patterns r very different and dont make any sense to someone else, u feel that a series or chain of events have taken place not out of coincidence , but purposefully !

I am not talking about Deja Vu or Serendipity. Everything is pre-planned or rather had a purpose , and we r just a playing our parts here like puppets ! Remember the famous dialogue from film ' Anand ' by Rajeev Khanna( " babumoshaayyyy ...... ") . Well, something like that . U r basically trying to crosss a river , or a lake, with the help of stones laid on the river , stepping on one stone at a time. And that stones r put in front of u ' dynamically ' or ' on the fly' , depending on ur state , as u take each step at a time . And who is doing that , well, obviously, GOD .

GOD is the answer to all questions which cannot be answered. If we dont know the reason for something unnatural happening around us , we always point it to GOD. ( More on GOD later ).

So anyways, I try to connect all events that take place with me. Then i try to read the signs and ask why ?? Was it a coincedence OR something needs to be learnt from it . I believe that whatever happens , happens for a reason. Actually, everything that happens , happens for a GOOD reason. I would suggest u should try to connect the dots in ur lives. Maybe , if u r successful , u will get a complete picture of urself .

well, i have spent approx. 1 hr to write such a small blog, but atleast , i felt better in the end. So i think i may come back and write more crap later !

( BTW , i know no one will post comments here , but i have still activated the ' Word Verification' feature, coz i have heard that many bloggers r getting spam- comments ! )