Sunday, November 27, 2005

Just to save some extra bucks !

I had seen The Last Samurai - a much hyped movie starring Tom Cruise - at home, by renting a VCD , which was a bad print ! Actually I knew about the quality , and still I took it ,just to save some money by not going to theatre. Well, i didnt find anything good in that movie, and when it recieved 4 nominations for Oscars and Golden Globe Awards, I was surprised.

Well, today I saw the same movie on HBO, actually , just a part of it - the finale war scene - and I realized that the movie had some something which I missed just because of that dirty print. Now I understood why this movie got nominations in Best Cinematography, Costume etc. Even the war scene was awesome , with those Japanese Warriors fighting with swords against the Army who had guns. I think if I had seen the movie in theatre that time, I would have given it a rating of atleast 4/5 for its cinematography , costumes and war scene. The whole movie experience can be enjoyed only in a theatre , unless you have a proper Home Theatre at your place with a plasma TV . The cinema hall , with its sound effects and huge screen and somewhat comfortable seats does add that extra flavor which makes you enjoy the whole movie, even if the plot of the movie sucks. I know many people who go to the theatre and watch a movie if they are in a bad mood, or just to do some timepass.

Anyways, its decided , that I will never get cheap VCDs , I will make it a point to watch any good,decent, flick either in theatre ( morning show ) or else on DVD .Now no compromise on Quality !

BTW, i think, i will write small blog like these , just so as to take a break from the boring subjects which i have to endure ...

P.S .: People who support me , please contribute - min. 100 bucks - so that I can accomplish my vow . Cheques/ Drafts are also accepted .


LOST - I wanted to write a blog on this from a long time, ever since I saw the first two episode of this series . After watching 34 episodes, i finally decided to do it ( just for satisfaction purpose !! )

I am currently hooked onto the greatest tele series ever made. The last one which I saw, which is the only series comparable to this was Steven Speilberg presents Taken. ( Please watch that too , if you havent ). You watch one episode of Lost , and you just cant wait to watch the next one. I suggested one of my friend to watch just one episode, and he spent the rest of his day watching all episodes.

Ok, to all those losers who knew about this series and still havent seen it yet, here is the story.

The story is about survivors of a plane crash - Oceanic flight 815 from Sydney to Los Angeles - which went off course for about 2 hours , and crashed at some unknown, secluded place - an island. Initially, the surviors hope that some rescue team will come to help them, but soon they realize that its very tough to search for them , as the plane had gone off course for a long time. Soon, the survivors also realize that a lot of weird things are happening around in the island and they are not ALONE on this island

Interesting ???

Every episode deals with any one survivor's past life, which is shown amazingly well with help of flashback into that person's life. So, you have the main story going on with in-between flashes of individual's past life. More than the main complex , mysterious, thrilling plot, I wait for every episode to see the human nature shown in the episode. Man wanting to live in groups,trying to find solace in strangers, man wanting to give meaning to his life ,prove his worth in the group and the list goes on....The joy, sorrow, thrill, excitement, nerve -gripping tension that you experience is simply mind-blowing !!!

Well, I cant say everything about this series. Partly because its too good to write it down here, and also, because I want you to watch it and enjoy it as much as I did.

Anyways, I hope that I get to watch such amazing series later in life , but i dont think so there will be any as good as this ( This is what I had said after watching Taken , so I think I may be proved wrong again !! )

The Inner Temple - Karunesh

Hear this song, one of the best composition by Karunesh after Punjab .Get it from somewhere, but please try this song. I am not good at words , so i cant decribe how this song is , but the title of the song itself says everything - The Inner Temple.