Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Apprentice

The 4th season of The Apprentice ( US , not the UK one ) aired in India 4 weeks back. Last year the teams were divided into 2 categories - College Pass outs ( one who have just passed out of college) and Street Smarts ( one who have established themselves on their own without having any formal education or degree) . It was quite interesting, and so is this new season.

Let me tell you what the program is about - the 2 teams are assigned the same tasks by Mr. Donald Trump - the great Business tycoon - and based on the performance in the task, one member from the Losing team is FIRED ie that person leaves the show. In the end, one person wins the season, and gets a job ( a very high profile one ) in some Enterprise of Mr. Trump.

Ok, so this season, the teams are divided based on gender - Male and Female. I thought this grouping might make the serial boring. But I was wrong. Each episode is really intereting to watch . You get to see how the male and female species work in a group these days. Its interesting to see who is more creative and who is better in team work.

Till now , this is what I saw and found from The Apprentice -

In the second task , where teams had to create a advert. for Lamborghini , the men lost. Yup ! You would think that cars being man's passion, they would have definitely won the task. But it was the other way round.

Men clearly know how to give a presentation, which was proved in the third and fourth task. Also, they are creative, in the sense that they know who to target and what to target , and based on this they develop ideas. Not like females , who just go ahead with their instincts or implement what they personally like.

And, finally , in all the four tasks, its been found that Men are great at team work. They had some differences in the 1st and 2nd task which were resolved in the third one. The team leader in fourth task was bossy , but in the end, the men won coz of him, and the team dint mind his attitude. No one has any dignity issue in the men's team. One team member even stepped forward to wear a female suit to represent as a mascot. But the females..well, its obvious, it had to happen, they started forming groups and have a divisive team. Fighting, blaming, pointing.....Very very bad team work !!

In all, i am not saying that women are bad leaders. Women can be , and are, better managers than men . But women cant and I think will never be able to work together in a group properly.

Catch The Apprentice if you can, Its a great Reality show , with really intense board room scenes with Donald Trump. All in all, a program worth watching .

Note : There is a Indian version of The apprentice - Business Bazigaar on Zee TV .But from what i heard, its not great, they pull each task to 2-3 episodes and is slow, not that interesting to watch

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Starting now, I will be writing a lot on my favourite topic - Karma.I have been reading quite a bit on it from sometime, and it really is a very interesting topic to understand. People may find it boring or may not understand it , but believe me , if you get it right, it will change your whole perspective, about everything. I am not saying that I am a pro in this matter, or that I have mastered the knowledge of karma, but I have just shown interest in this from past 1 year , and it indeed has changed a lot of my views. I have not read any Vedas, Upanishads, not even Bhagwad Gita ( though I intend to start it now ) . But from what I have read from various sources like newspapers and even the movie The Matrix, I have understood quite a bit or atleast got a gist of the whole concept.

So what is Karma ?? Karma is the consequences of our actions, or the choices we make. We reap the consequences of our actions that are governed by the law of karma. The ways of karma are unfathomable, but the fruits always correspond to the actions. When an individual dies, the soul leaves his body and adopts the next form according to his karma.

The karma theory only attempts to make sense of the mysterious, to systematise the randomness of happenings and to give a sense of purpose to life. Deeds a person performs by choice as a free agent determines the body her soul would inhabit and the family in which she would be born in her next life. She will be given according to what she deserves.

Well, all this is about the next life and many dont even care about this life, forget the next. But karma is not only about actions in your next life. The future course of your current life is determined by the choices that you make in this life. I read about 3 types of karma somewhere , which i will write about sometime later.

I havent read Bhagwad Gita , but I am sure its all about karma. I have read some small texts of the Book. And they mostly explain the same thing - karma. A small excerpt from the Book -

Krishna assures Arjuna in the Gita that the deeds of a person are never annulled even when they are discontinued; that in his next birth the negligent seeker of excellence recollects his unfinished project and resumes where he had left off; that he is born again in such households that are congenial to his inclinations. Our free will and dedicated efforts could be guided by what is encoded in our genes , what the religious call as " latencies " .

Its very difficult to put forth or explain the whole concept of Karma . But I will try my best. But without doubt, you will understand it only when you are ready.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

All by myself, dont wanna be...

Been a long long time since my last blog. The reason was coz I was down with Hepatitis - A ( Jaundice ) just 5 days after my last blog. And then later I was diagnosed for Pancreatitis too, just when i thot that everything is going right .I visited the hospital twice, stayed at home for almost 10 weeks and I am still recovering. Actually , the reason I am writing all this is because I want to write this blog as a testimony to what happened to me, incase I forget these 3 months ( though i know I will never be able to forget this period )

So , i stayed at home for 10 weeks, then resumed college ,which was almost over .Felt quite weird , like as if attending first day of college. I missed quite a lot in this period, specially the picnic my class went to. Academic side, i dont think I missed much , except the usual classes, hanging out in the campus, Raju chai , Panchali etc etc ;-) . Damn, I will miss those days !

Anyways, I am taking this blog as a oppurtunity to Thank all my friends who helped me with everything that i missed in college. I also thank my friends, colleagues, classmates, and all those who came to see me in hospital or home , who were worried about me , or atleast kept asking me - on orkut - " how r u ? when r u coming back to college ? ". Being alone at home for 10 weeks ( ofcourse my family was there ) , it used to make me happy by just knowing that my absence from daily work or college has been noticed by your friends. It really makes a difference.
So , to all those people, plz take this blog as thank you note.