All by myself, dont wanna be...

Been a long long time since my last blog. The reason was coz I was down with Hepatitis - A ( Jaundice ) just 5 days after my last blog. And then later I was diagnosed for Pancreatitis too, just when i thot that everything is going right .I visited the hospital twice, stayed at home for almost 10 weeks and I am still recovering. Actually , the reason I am writing all this is because I want to write this blog as a testimony to what happened to me, incase I forget these 3 months ( though i know I will never be able to forget this period )

So , i stayed at home for 10 weeks, then resumed college ,which was almost over .Felt quite weird , like as if attending first day of college. I missed quite a lot in this period, specially the picnic my class went to. Academic side, i dont think I missed much , except the usual classes, hanging out in the campus, Raju chai , Panchali etc etc ;-) . Damn, I will miss those days !

Anyways, I am taking this blog as a oppurtunity to Thank all my friends who helped me with everything that i missed in college. I also thank my friends, colleagues, classmates, and all those who came to see me in hospital or home , who were worried about me , or atleast kept asking me - on orkut - " how r u ? when r u coming back to college ? ". Being alone at home for 10 weeks ( ofcourse my family was there ) , it used to make me happy by just knowing that my absence from daily work or college has been noticed by your friends. It really makes a difference.
So , to all those people, plz take this blog as thank you note.



Shalini said…

our last sem wasn't quite the same without you!

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