Friday, September 22, 2006


Continuing from my last post, I have seen that traffic in Mumbai is because of the high number of vehicles in that metro. There , you have traffic jams only at signals with long queue of vehicles waiting at a signal for 15 mintues ! But , as the number of 2 -wheelers are very less compared to number of 4 -wheelers in Mumbai , the situation doesnt worsen as it does in Pune .

Also, in Pune , the traffic is not because of increase in number of vehicles in past few years, but because of the bad condition of the roads and the 2 - wheelers and rickshaws who drive very harsh here. Of course , the vehicles have increased , but that is obvious, isn't it ? That has happened in every city in India , because as the nation is developing, as the population is increasing, the lifestyle has improved, the per capita income has become more, and hence people are obvioulsy buying vehicles rather than depending on the public transport. ( Public transport in Pune, Bangalore is one more issue which I wont go into now ) . Shouldnt the government have anticipated the increase in vehicles and tried to improve the infrastructure in Pune ? What were they thinking, that " why not call more and more IT companies in Pune , and our roads will still be able to bear the additional burden ".

Right now, the traffic situation in Mumbai is still bad, but atleast it is better than a decade back because of so many flyovers built in last decade.Why didnt the PMC ( Pune Municipal Corporation ) think of this situation long time back ?

Pune is already going the " Bangalore " way and companies are already opting for other cities like Ahmedabad and Calcutta. Many industries already left Maharashtra in 90's , and now the same thing will happen for IT.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


I am very desperate to write a blog. I can't find a good topic to write on, but I just want to write something, any crap , but something. So this blog is more out of desperation to write , and not about something that has occupied my mind from sometime, because that is the time when I usually write.

Speaking of desperation, people are getting desperate day by day. In this country, people are just trying to run and reach their destinations without even thinking with their brains whether their desperation to reach there will create problems for others. Now, I am not writing about ' life ' and I am not being philosophical here.In the literary sense, I am talking about people on roads. ( Now read the line in bold again) .Anyways, I am talking about Pune traffic here. Most of the traffic jams , actually all of them are created because no one wants to wait. If there is a junction with no signal , and vehicles coming from all 4 sides, then there has to be a traffic at peak times. And the worst thing is , when there is a traffic jam, show that their getting very very late and act as if out of all the people stuck in the traffic jam, they are the ones who need to get out first. And in that pretext , they stick their vehicles more and more into the heart of the traffic jam .

Now, whenever there is a traffic jam, if there are 4 roads at a junction, 3 sides have to wait, and let the 4th one to go or allow the vehicles of that road to clear away . But , in Pune , all hell breaks loose and everyone just tries to move their vehicles nearer to the center of the traffic and occupy any space that is available. They dont even listen to some volunteers , or individuals who take matter in their own hands and try to release the jam. I had 2 experiences today of a traffic jam. And one more I had at Prabhat Road 1 month back in which I was stuck for 20 minutes, on bike. I dont know what would have happened if I was in car !

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Here I am , This is me....

I am writing after a long time. I have gone through lot of changes since my past blog. I am an engineer now ! And the biggest change is I have started working now. Yay ! After 4 years of hard-work and competition, I am now earning. So , been doing 9 to 6 ( or rather 9 to 9 ! ) job at a company in Pune. No time to read books, no time to meet friends, no time to do things that I want to do or that relaxes my mind. Maybe thats the reason I havent been blogging.

And so from now on, I will change my style of writing. I will try to write small blogs, but as frequently as possible. It will encompass a variety of topics ( more on me :-) ) . If you visit my blog and dont find any new addition, then please leave a comment or buzz me ! I will try to update the blog for my readers .......Ok ?

P.S. : I wrote this blog from my office, with my colleagues staring at my monitor all along, so will try to write from home only !!!