Yearn to Learn

While chatting with a friend about his brother's future ( who has just given his 12th exams and needs to decide his future course of action ) , I got a chance to reflect back on my past.

I will describe in brief my path till now...

I did 12th ( HSC ) from the 'Fergi' college of Pune in 2002 . Then did Computer Engineering from Pune University ( from not so well known but decent college - MESCOE aka Wadia Engg College ) and got my BE degree in 2006. Till 11th grade, I had a dream of becoming an architect. Due to some consultancy and research, I dropped that idea. And, as the only thing that every guy in FC wanted to pursue, I chose the path of Engineering. I still didn't have a clue as to which branch I am apt for, but had a bit of interest in Computers and Automobiles.

After 12th grade results, I got into Computer Engineering and that too in the college which I had dreamt of ( yeah, right ! ) . The only good thing about the college was it was close to my place and ofcourse, the people I met there. My Engineering life was pretty good, I fared above my expectations , got decent marks and secured a job in a decent company ( thanks to the recent spurt in IT industry )

Well, back to present.... Are you with me now ?

So, while chatting with my friend, I told him that I am happy I did Engg, rather than Architecture. He responded by saying that it doesn't even matter. But I feel it did matter. It did matter that I chose Engg, it did matter that I chose Computer branch, and to top it all, it did matter that I got into Wadia college.

Let me explain. Everyone gets a job. Everyone accomplishes his goal, his dream, sooner or later. If I wasn't in Wadia, but some other remote college in some remote district, then maybe I would have got a job after doing MBA. Maybe if I was in a better college than Wadia, then I might be writing this blog sitting at a better company than I am in now. Same would have been the case if I had taken a different engg. stream , or a different career path altogether.

What I liked about my engg. life is the things I learnt, apart from the technical curriculum. I learnt a lot from my friends in that college.Many of us friends shared the same vision. Many of us had similar interests. All these people did contribute to my thought process.My interaction with them did evolve my thinking, and I guess that if I had been in a different college, my thoughts, views, ideas would have been different. Which , in the end, might have led me to somewhere else in my life.I learnt the good habits of people, which mistakes can one avoid, whom to trust , whom to distrust and so on....

Well, education is all about this. Education is not a mean to earn money.You get a chance to interact with thousands of new people when you study further . Take that opportunity. Do whatever you want, whatever field you choose, but keep learning - as in learning stuff outside the curriculum. I am not saying that you should not fix up on some particular branch or career. Its good that you know what you want. But its always better if you keep an eye for things and keep learning, keep evolving your thought process, at the same time, fixing your mind on your goal.

In the end, it all matters on your daily decisions. Small decisions or major ones, your life's course depends on your choice. And those choices ultimately depends on what you have learned, what you feel is right, what you have experienced. It depends how flexible your mind is, how flexible
you are to opt for new thoughts, how you adapt to different situations.

Actually, this learning process doesnt end at our graduation or post-grad. We are students all our life, and so should our mind be.


Saurabh said…
Hmm ...
What your friend might actually mean by "it does not matter" is "It does not matter to him what you did"

Umm .. then again, it might - and it was just a hint (which you probably didn't get) to stop boring him to death narrating your past :)

Anyways, everything matters in life actually, coz I believe that every little action you perform now shapes the future you create for yourself.

Like if you had taken up architecture, you'd be in a completely different sphere right now (parallel dimensions anyone?)

Or maybe, while writing your maths paper, a fly came and sat in front of you - you tried to shoo it away, in the process, dropping your pen, breaking it, losing 5 minutes in the process, not being able to complete a 5 mark question, getting 5 marks less, landing up in a different college altogether.

Freaky huh?
And all because a small fly came and sat in front of you instead of the guy ahead!
Rishi Agarwal said…
WTF !!!!

Recent events have definitely made a impact on ur brain....

Kuch bhi likta hai .... ( atleast u wrote a comment :( )
Jomy said…
Hello Rishai ! How are u doin be ?

And i agree with you , i can't even imagine myself graduating from a different college ( imagine a rishi-less class ...heheehhee) ! And to think of it , i was supposed to be a doctor ! But last minute turn of events after the 12th std , changed sooo much !

And ur post , is very reflective , in the beginning , but gets very teacherly towards the end !
Just an opinion !

P.S : Saurabh , ek machhar aadmi ko ...ehehe !
Rishi Agarwal said…
I am fine , Jomy...

Thanx for ur opinion. This blog is a series of blogs when I get into my " Professor" attitude. U forgot, it seems

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