Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How good a movie is for me ?

I saw The Dark Knight few days back. I was not shielded from all the hype around the movie. I hate it. Of course I was desperate to watch it, from the moment I saw Batman Begins. And at the end of the movie, when Gordon informs Batman about a new criminal named Joker, I knew the next movie will be a class in its own. But I avoid being involved in the hype till I dont watch the movie myself. So anyways, I saw The Dark Knight, came out of the theater, content.

These are the factors according to me for considering how good a movie is :
  1. I come out of the theater , and have no words to describe it. Speechless. I dont know what to reply when people ask me " how was the movie ? " . I dont know what to say after coming out of the theater. Everything in the movie is so perfect, that you would just want to savour the moment. Something like eating a very well made Dessert/Dish, which everyone just savours and avoids talking for the time they enjoy it and after that.
  2. I would want to watch it again in theater. Considering the busy lives we have, its difficult to catch a movie one more time.
  3. I start recommending it to people.
  4. I want to own a DVD of that movie ( specifically a collectors edition ) .
  5. I get totally immersed into everything about the movie ( IMDB , Soundtracks, Wallpapers ) . It means I have become a fan of the movie and contribute to the hype building around the movie :)
The last time all these points came true were for Lord Of The Rings : The Return of The King and Titanic. And now The Dark Knight.