Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Powerless (Say What You Want)

I like Nelly Furtado's song - Powerless (Say what you want) - the remix version by Josh . Been listening to it since long time.
The lyrics goes something like this :

Cuz this life is too short to live it just for you
But when you feel so powerless what are you gonna do
But say what you want
Say what you want.

People do that a lot! I have observed many people do the same thing, when they feel powerless. They cannot bear what is happening around them and if the person feels he/she cannot control the situation he is in, he ends up taking a drastic action. This action doesn't even help improving his/her situation. For example, some go in depression, some go on a killing spree, some commit suicide, some end up hurting others, etc. No one gets affected, life goes on, except for the person who was feeling powerless.

For me, this is wrong. Take actions which elevate your position from being powerless to powerful. A man with power or in a powerful state can do far better things than him being in a powerless state. Divert all your actions to change your situation. I know its difficult. The reason you are feeling powerless is that you don't know how to change your situation. But there is always a way out. Start analyzing your situation, how you got yourself into it, and how to get out of it. Think wisely, analyze hard.

This might be dogmatic, but I believe it will atleast prevent someone from taking a drastic, unnecessary action. Any comments ?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Its That Time Of The Year Again

Its the month of festivals. Started with Navratri, then Dushera and finally Diwali (I am sure I have missed something). If there is any season when you should forget all your worries, its now. Literally. How else do you plan to enjoy this festive season. It feels great looking at other people enjoying the season with their close ones. And here I am worrying about my ceaselessly growing belly. That too now! There is other time for this - like January (after Christmas of course ;) ). For now, just eat all the goodies and bask in the fervor. That should be the motto. Yup, and it is. Starting now...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Simon And Garfunkel

Listening to Simon And Garfunkel after a long time. Their songs like 'Scaraborough Fair', 'El Condor Pasa', 'Cecilia' are some of my favorites. For me, their music takes you to a different time.

There are many songs, pictures which take you to a different place and time when you hear or see them. Some ring a familiarity at the back of your head reminding you of something . And its a different pleasure altogether to experience it.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Thank You For Calling, Have A Nice Day

I just called Airtel Customer Care to register my Home Landline for National Do Not Call (NDNC). When I say 'just called', I meant I called them at midnight (too busy to do these things during the day!). I called from my house in Pune, India and am sure the call was received by some Indian working at some call center in India. He asked for my landline number and where I am calling from. Anyways, it took hardly 1 minute to do that, and there were no issues in getting that done, but at the end of the call, the fellow at the other end wishes me 'Thank you for calling Airtel, Have a Nice Day'. You see where I am getting at ? For God's sake, its midnight, you know I am from Pune, why can't you just wish me good night, instead of wishing me a good day. I guess a IVRS might do a better job at it (you just need to program it to wish a customer according to the time he/she is calling).

I know all these BPO operations are a huge source of revenue and employment generation for India. It has changed the whole demography of many small towns and Tier-II cities. We have better spending power now. It has given a rise to all malls mushrooming all over India, which in turn generates more jobs. Good for us! But then we don't use our common sense any more. Even though the guy from Airtel who recieved my call was trained to say 'Thank you for calling...', I think he should have wished me good night. But thats not the way it is.