Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why did I switch to Posterous?

Well, I did choose blogger over tumblr, butI hadnt seen Posterous latel After posting few blogs on blogger, I saw the new and improved Posterous and realized that it does all that I wanted.  I can now post from Posterous and it can autopost the same to Blogger, Facebook Wall, Twitter and LinkedIn.

So will be using Posterous for now.


Testing Autopost

Hello World!

Pune Railway station

A few weeks back there was almost a stampede on the foot over bridge at Pune railway station. I had gone to the station today evening to pick up my parents from platform no. 3. The situation on the bridge was really shameful. The railways had to pay the salaries of two policemen whose only job was to make sure that people keep moving on the bridge and do not create a traffic jam. My coolie was constantly shouting to keep moving otherwise a traffic jam will occur. 

There are two bridges at Pune station. The old one is around 10 feet wide which is used  a lot. The railways made a new bridge few years back , but since that bridge is literally outside the station, no one uses. it Hence even though the population of Pune has doubled in past decade we still have one bridge to handle the increase in traffic.

I just don't understand why the railways doesn't increase the price of platform ticket by 1 and make it Rs. 4 or Rs. 5. Also, why cant they just increase the ticket fares if they are short of funds?

Why did I stick to blogger

I mentioned in my previous post that I am using the same blog even though I am blogging after a long time. I meant that I chose Blogger over Tumblr, Facebook, Wordpress to blog. Or I daresay microblog.

My first blog (this one) has been on Blogger since August 2004 (wow, thats old!). After that I have had many blogs on Wordpress devoted to one topic each like Entrepreneurship, Databases etc. Then I also use Wordpress extensively to build my websites. Apart from this, I have played around with Facebook Notes, Posterous and more recently Tumblr too.

So, when I thought of restarting blogging, my first impression was not to use Blogger at all. I was googling on how to migrate my Blogger posts to Tumblr. But I still chose Blogger because:

1. It is still not easy to import your posts into Tumblr. There are some scripts available online but I didn't wan to use those.
2. I tried Facebook Notes, but Notes are available only to Facebook users. Surprisingly, photos are available to everyone, but notes aren't.
3. I believe I still have some loyal readers for my existing blog who have subscribed this blog in their reader.
4. Blogger is the good old blogging platform. I can blog on blogger and import my feeds on facebook which solves my purpose.
5. Blogger is part of Google. I love Google. I love Android till now. Then we have Picasa albums integrated into Blogger. I just want to see how all of these fit together to give an easy blogging/micro-blogging experience.

Here we go again....

The title of my blog has always been 'Got Time to Blog...' I believe that the title of your blog, product, entity, company has a huge bearing on the behaviour in future. Same way that the name of the child has some bearing on his/her behaviour. Hence I have always blogged whenever I got time to blog and I never tried to force myself to write one blog per week or one blog per month (which many people do just to stay connected with the world!)

Anyways, I wanted to start blogging for a long time and finally out of my busy schedule I managed to write this post - to announce that I am starting it again. Same stuff, same belief, just new learning and experiences since the last time I blogged.

But I am going to be micro-blogging rather than blogging. Frankly speaking, I do not have much time to write a full fledged blog though I would love to do so sometime. So expect lot of short articles, quotes, pictures from now on.